Cole DeRuse is a 25-year-old hip hop artist from Kansas City. He started writing poetry in a creative writing class during his sophomore year of high school and fell in love with being able to express himself in such a creative way. This creative writing class was the initial spark that eventually ignited a whole-hearted passion for hip hop music. And as the years go by, that fire hasn’t dwindled in the slightest.

“I’ve learned so much since I started writing poems nine years ago, and I’ve personally experienced the power that music can have over the life of an individual,” Cole says. “I want to make the type of music that was instrumental in helping me get through life. The type of music that’s real and relatable. The type of music that screams out, ‘Hey! You’re not alone in this struggle. You can make it through.’ I want to give everyone a positive alternative to the music that’s out there. I want to point people to God instead of myself.”

Today, his music is positive, yet edgy, challenging, and full of hope. Some say he has a bit of a Logic (the rapper) feel, while others say he sounds like Eminem, but Cole’s aim is to be himself. He draws inspiration from rappers like Macklemore for his transparency, Andy Mineo for his faith-based content, and Tech-N9ne for his speed/versatility. When he's not performing or writing music, you can find him watching tv shows with his wife, beatboxing to his new-born daughter, attending his local church, eating tacos, and playing video games.