David and Goliath

Yo check it, if I did this verse without cursin' would you respect it?/
If this certain person was murkin' the beat would reject it?/
Directly injected with truth, that's why I switched up methods/
Plus all this money's prolly monopoly so why collect it?/
It's all infected somehow, that's how we got the virus/
All these ladies runnin' round town, twerkin' like Miley Cyrus/
Chasin' shots of rum down, actin' crazy, gettin' wildly violent/
Most just want acceptance so they get in line and file in/
Let me be honest at first I was scared to write this/
I'm competin' with emcees so seasoned there's no reason to even try this/
but my name's David, these guys are kind of like Goliath/
Lyrical giants, that's why to God I cry out for guidance/
Feel like a diamond in the rough, just need a lil refinement/
Feel like the fight's been long enough, it's bout time for retirement/
Yet I'm only 24, I've barely received my assignment/
I just feel like Robin the problem's I hate bein' the sidekick/
Don't need a side chick though, I'm married, happily/
And I don't worry too much cuz women rarely come after me/
Yet when they do, they end up in the ring with wifey grappling/
And I be like what's happening I just wanna keep rappin' geez/
That's why I go hard, can't take the heat then leave the kitchen/
I'll send you a post card, It's hard to compete with Marines/
when you couldn't make the Coast Guard. I wanna make art like Mozart/
But so far this low bar's like most it's so hard to see like sonar/
But I'm in this go kart, that's barely runnin' tryin' to keep up/
Givin' em somethin' like hope, somethin' not found in these streets much/
This ain't a joke, cuz many people out there got some deep cuts/
At the end of their rope, so I'm here to point 'em all to Jesus/