Sometimes I feel like Anakin with no limbs a manakin /
Yet I clone him and start panickin’ cuz he’s chokin’ some people and vanshin’ /
Yo handle him cuz I’m gone, hangin’ with Yoda and Qui-Gon /
Tellin’ the rebels to fight on, Han Solo and ‘Bacca can fly on /
My mic’s on, and I’m usin’ wordplay to scare off these nice neighbors /
Or maybe it’s because I’m swingin' round a lightsaber /
Either way, you speakin’ hate, increases pace to die Vader /
This sleep is great, a piece of cake, when we create annihilators /
Like the death star, the only problem is your smallest weakness /
Can be exploited by a pilot blowin' it all to pieces /
Fear leads to anger, while anger lead to hate /
And hate leads to suffering if the dark side is embraced /
But the dark side isn’t stronger, just quicker and more seductive /
It’s full of deceptive and might just lead to your destruction /
But If Ren can lose to Rey, and Finn can escape /
Well then i know without a doubt that the force is now wide awake.