Okay, where do I begin? I’m gonna to try open up my mind again /
That ice is thin, it could beak any day but I must skate down the lake and dive right in /
And I’m divin’ in because I can swim. Even though its cold, on my soul like the wind /
I'm on a roll, when I flow and exposin' the pen. About to go for the gold and I’m hopin’ to win /
It’s been, 5 years at least, since the release an album and so much has happened to me /
Let’s see I, traveled’ the globe, got married, had a baby now I’m ready to go and complete /
This record, I got the message, I learned the lessons of adolescence /
And my perspective keeps on progessin’ feeds on obsession leaves long impressions so /
Put me in the middle of this fickle rap game, I'm done scribblin’ riddles up in the bat cave /
I’m being civil but in a bit of a pickle I wanna become a symbol of hope using’ my last name /
I am finally realizin' what it did to give me such a bad taste /
All these guys are compromising so I slid through never lookin’ that way /
A mass grave awaits, I don’t wanna gravitate to that place /
I don’t wanna laugh and say that I’m safe, I don’t wanna pass away to that fate /
Cuz I’ve seen younger men die, and I’ve seen a few older men numb /
Even seen a couple dudes leaves their wives, both pastors, now on the road to lust (oh my God) /
Who to even trust? I can’t tell. On the outside we all wear the same shell /
Everybody wanna say the same thing, like they all maintain they character but fake well /
I may get a couple letters of hate mail, but i don’t really care I was born to raise hell /
I’ve got thick skin like I’m covered in chain mail, so try to head-butt me it’ll make your brain swell /
That was me, years ago but i have learned from my past /
Now I’m free, on the road but may not know where I’m at /
We shall see,  time will show If I’m still on the right path /
I’ll achieve, all these goals if not I think I might crash /
Some may hope for it, but It’s too late now I’m gonna go for it /
And with God on my side, I gotta make these rhymes, hotter than a blow torch /
And I'ma go forth, with the flame, you can try to put it out like the olympic games /
But I move too fast when I’m switchin lanes, and I cruise through the past reminiscin' my name /
DeRuse, ugh, how do you define it? Good question, it’s hard to provide it /
Lemme find it gimme 45 minutes, I’m fully committed to finishing my assignment
wait hold up, how do you define it when I’m constantly goin’ through refinement?
Lemme find it gimme 45 minutes, I’m fully committed to finishing my assignment

Defining DeRuse
Defining DeRuse
I’m realizing the truth / From those times in my youth
Defining DeRuse
Defining DeRuse
I'm recognizing pursuits / By defying abuse