Mainstream is Dead

Okay, let me get up on this / strapped up and I’m ready for combat/
No way will I miss mytarget / hopped out and I hit em with a strong smack/
In the face with an ak / Jumped back, took aim, pulled the trigger let it spray spray/
Hey wait, I don't promote violence so you know that’s a big ole jk/
They all wanna talk about the same thing / Egos much bigger than the great lakes/
Some think that, if they rap fast, everybody's gonna understand what they say/
they cray, and they may have a knack for whack rhymes/
Some sound even worse than when cats get baptized/
and that’s a really big problem like way back in Shaq's prime/
I can see main stream is dyin', in fact it flat lined / How do I know?/
Well I seen them freshman cyphers ()  and they made me cringe/
Hip hop needs a dose of epinephrine, well here’s my flow there’s the syringe/
So let’s go, ugh, look within’ / Autotune came around and took my friends/
So let’s go, ugh, put me in / The door cracked open now my foot is in/
And that’s permanent, no green card, but this turbulence can really seem harsh/
But it’s pertinent I give em clean bars, while I’mservin’ up this cuisine charred/
Cuz I chef it up - Gordon Ramsey/ You know, gotta keep it sorta fancy/
Better lyrics equals more advancing / Let em steer it they ignore the landing/
And then fall flat like a flap jack, I put all that rap in my trash sack/
And throw it in the sewer right into manure, imma go maneuver right on past that/
Now that’s rap,  underground / I'm here to make my brothers proud/
Others wanna hear another sound / Well here’s a shot let’s take another round/
Of this cre-a-tion, can i get like 3 great men/
That wanna go and see change in, the state of hip hop who say they will never dumb it down/