Nutcracker March

Hi, Merry Christmas oh wait, I was not supposed say that/
Happy Holidays my friends was that PC enough for playback/
Way back, when I was young, and scared of gettin' old/
I was terrified of walkin' underneath the mistletoe/
I'd go around. And it's ironic to think about/
I was grateful on Thanksgiving yet Friday emptied my bank account/
I prayed like "God, thanks for all that you have given me/
but help me receive everything that I need to achieve black Friday victory"/
It's a mystery to me, I do not understand this culture/
Thankful one day then the next are bloodthirsty vultures/
It's a shame, and hard to witness that, so many senseless acts/
spent so much on ourselves, but only givin' pennies to the ones in Christmas hats/
how sick is that yet we all bought anyway I know I did/
We're selfish people, we live for us don't be surprised kids/
These days are evil filled with pride, lust and of course violence/
And if you disagree than its obvious you've been blinded/
Yeah, Ugh. You can deny it, but I'm just a realist/
And it's freakin' scary when we can't tell what fake from the real is/
Now listen, I'm a Christian, but lemme be honest/
Some people trippin' cuz Jesus was born closer to August/
I feel like Kermit sippin' lipton though that's none of my business/
We're way too occupied gettin' these gifts wrapped up for Christmas/
Some claim religion, yet still treat God just like Santa Claus/
"Gimme gimme gimme, but in my life please don't get involved."/
Yeah, now you some of you may think this song is harsh/
But this is such a dope remix to the nutcracker march/
So I had to hit below the belt cause it to sting a little/
Cuz sometimes shots like that may cause you to think a little/