Off my chest (freestyle)

I've got -  troubled pains,  I need to address . A couple things, I really need to get off my chest /
The tunnels caved, when I gave in to the stress . I wanted fame, but I couldn't hang with the best and yet /
Still i went online, checkin' my status'. Wondering if a bit, mo' time could be the catalyst /
But it wasn't happenin' so caught up in comparison it was freakin' embarrassing, but I was very adamant /
I was eloquent, my dream's so evident. Because when in my element, rhyme scheme's intelligent /
I met the pre-requisite, my speed was definite. Ahead of the etiquette so why keep the regiment? /
But then I realized that I wasn't real fine. There's so many rappers with a flow that could kill mine /
Take Hopsin, any ill mind - On the real grind from top ten to president /
Choppin' all the way through the skin to the ligaments /
Only stoppin' to pray and then I'ma gonna finish it /
When I hop on the plane, I spend it reminiscin' then /
I'm swappin' out my brain to maintain my innocence /
So cynical and limited inhibited by my sickness /
Just a criminal undisciplined and bigoted on the premise /
It was pivotal i broke it down in syllables /
So I could be dependable, winnable not prohibited by my limits (Oh Lord) /
9 bars in one breath, yes you can find the stars when the sun sets /
Some of you mighta thought that I punched in but pumpkin' /
It's not my fault that you're not in charge of your lungs yet /
It's called breath control, and it's the best to ingest like a vegetable /
I'm not impressed with the rest it's unexceptable /
When you stress you're best yet are less than Cole (hold up) /
Huh, who am I kidden my nose up, never /
You're not a kid when you're grown up forever foe-cussed /
I will never quit this rappin' I'm laughin' they figured that by now I'd probably fold up /
But i'm steadily climbin', no time for hater's I've been severing violence /
Heavily grindin' legacy risin', I can now see, from the beginning that I was meant to be rhymin', (let's go) /