Online Portfolio



Video Editing

I've been editing videos for almost 10 years now and am familiar with both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, how to edit videos, as well as posting them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Over the past year, I've purchased over $10,000 in video gear and have been really trying to put out excellent video production videos.

Music Videos:



I recently started a vlog, which has a small following, but I've put a lot of work into my videos.


Martial Arts Channel:
In my teenage years, my friends and I developed a YouTube Channel (click HERE to view the channel) that gathered 8,200 subscribers and over 3,000,000 video views. I managed all the uploaded content and edited the videos. We only had amateur equipment, but managed to establish quite a following with almost every video getting thousands of views. I share this to say that from a young age, I've loved building a platform on social media and using that to impact those around me. Here's some of our top viewed videos:

Non-profit Video Updates:
When I worked with Team Xtreme I was responsible for doing their quarterly video updates to show our friends, family and supporters what we have been up to on our missions trips. They had no system like this in place previously, so it was something new that I was put in charge of doing. Here's an example of a video below:


Canva Edits

These are some canva designs I've made for the marketing of my own music releases.


I designed/built these websites through SquareSpace.

1. — This is my personal artist site which has all my music, music videos, concert dates, online store and contact form. I've spent over 50 hours on SquareSpace learning how to build and use their system as this was my first design via SquareSpace. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.44.15 PM.png

3. — This is our ministry website, which gives all information on what we do and how we funnel all our donations. This was my third website done via SquareSpace.

Social Media

Cole DeRuse  (Artist pages):

My primary social media account is Facebook. I've recently been studying over the past year and have been very intentional on getting my engagement up on my artist page. I've seen my page grow from 2,000 likes to 17,000 likes in just the past year.


Email Marketing

I've used MailChimp primarily but also am familiar with Constant Contact (Yet can learn any of them quickly as they function similarly). I used to manage the email updates for Team Xtreme and still handle all my emails for our ministry and for me as an artist. Below are a couple examples (Click photo to view):


Ministry Email Update

Music Email Update